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 Authority Structure

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PostSubject: Authority Structure   Authority Structure EmptyMon Jul 23, 2012 11:05 pm

Current Guild Officers:

Top Advisors:












Special Officers (not full officers):

Bank Managers - Skullcap and Femor

Raid Leaders - Superpower (Team 1) and Superpower (Team 2)

Events Manager - Tacopriest

Lottery Host - Lenä (Team 2)

Recruitment Manager - Superpower

Our guild has a specific ranking system by which all members follow. The ranks go as follows:

Apprentice: Apprentice is the default rank that all members start at. All new members are put at apprentice once they join the guild. You have basic guild privileges with basic bank access.

Pink Bunny: Pink Bunny is the humiliating term for our punishment rank where those that are demoted for any issue will be placed. It has no privileges aside from guild chat listening. Pink Bunnies may not speak in guild chat.

Lord: Lord is the rank attained after Artisan. It has about the same bank access rights as Artisan.

Elite: Elite is the rank attained after Lord. It has about the same bank access rights as Lord and Artisan.

Veteran: Veteran is the final normal rank stage. With normal promotion standards, it takes about a month to attain. Veteran has more bank privileges than the previous 3 ranks, and is considered the staging point for moving up to Reaper or Elder. Veterans stay at their rank until manually moved up by an officer when deemed appropriate.

Reaper: Reaper is the rank that is equivalent to Veteran but under which people who raid or participate often in guild events will be placed. You must be manually moved up to Reaper from Veteran, after you have shown a considerable amount of activity in activities. Reapers have the same bank privileges as Veterans, except that they have improved access to enhancement tabs and better repair privileges.

Special Officer: Special Officers are members who are appointed to perform certain duties, such as coordinating events or raids (See topic in "News" section to view full list and openings). These duties do not require officer permissions, so Special Officers are not actually part of leadership. However, they do have improved bank access and status, and are able to discipline members within their realm of control (For example, the Bank Manager is able to demote people who abuse their withdrawals). Full officers are able to be Special Officers as well, but will retain their higher rank on their characters.

Elder: Elders are the officer rank below Top Advisor. They are given demote/kick privileges, ventrilo kick/ban privileges, and some forum moderation privileges. Elders are in charge when there are no Top Advisors on. They also have improved bank privileges from Reaper and Veteran.

Top Advisor: Top Advisors is the highest rank attainable. It is reserved for those that display officer-like qualities all of the time. They are in charge when Mal is not online and deal with most demotion and kick issues. They make sure the guild is secure, fun, and at an appropriate maturity level. Top Advisors are given maximum bank privileges and kick/ban features on vent, as well as full forum administration privileges.

Head Councilor: This is the spot reserved for the guild leader, Mal. The Head Councilor spot is the position that oversees the guild and deals with many guild issues. The Head Councilor has little jurisdiction among punishments unless there is a problem with the Top Advisors, or it is brought to him initially. Full control over every aspect of the guild, ventrilo server administrator, and main forum server administrator.

Normal promotions are performed every 2 weeks on Saturday when the Recruitment Manager decides to. The promotion method is as follows:

Apprentice - Veteran: If a member is online within 3 days of Saturday they are promoted one level up. If a normal member is offline for a month they are kicked from the guild for inactivity. If a Veteran is offline for 3 months, they are kicked for inactivity.

Reaper: To attain Reaper status, one must be noticed to be actively participating in events for the guild. If noticed, the officers will talk about the member and if they are deemed appropriate, they are promoted whenever available. If a Reaper is offline for 3 months, they are kicked for inactivity. Also, Reapers may be demoted to Veteran after a period of inactivity or insufficient performance, at the discretion of the officers.

Special Officer: If a member wishes to be a Special Officer, they may mail Mal to see if there is a need for another officer. The availability for the positions varies depending on the role; anybody may be a Raid Leader if they are willing to get a group together to do it, while we only need a limited amount of Bank Managers or Events Managers. If a member decides to take up the role, they start out with a training period of up to 2 months. If that member has done a good job at their role, at the discretion of the normal officers and their fully-privileged counterpart, then they will be promoted to a full-fledged Special Officer. Both trainees and full Special Officers will retain that rank in the guild roster, but trainees have limitations and are required to report to full Special Officers (If there is one, otherwise to a normal officer) for any disciplinary issues or important changes.

Elder: An Elder is elected once a month from any Veteran or Reaper. Every month there is a guild meeting, and at the end of the meeting one member is promoted to Elder. The member is discussed by the Top Advisors beforehand and must be accepted by a majority. If an Elder is offline for an extended time with prior notice, they may be demoted whenever decided by the other officers. If no prior notice is given, they may be removed whenever decided.

Top Advisor: A Top Advisor is selected whenever needed from any Elder during a guild meeting. The Top Advisors look through Elders to promote and discuss the member in a gathering. Then, at the end of a guild meeting the member is promoted. The member must have a unanimous vote to become a Top Advisor. If a Top Advisor is offline for an extended time with prior notice, they may be demoted whenever decided by the other Top Advisors. If no prior notice is given, they may be removed whenever decided.

Promotions are not given by request, except in the case of Reapers and Special Officers. The officers handle ranking very carefully, and to be fair there are no exceptions.

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Authority Structure
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