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 A New Era

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PostSubject: A New Era   A New Era EmptySat Aug 29, 2015 9:18 pm

Today, I made a speech on stepping down as Head Councilor of The Crimson Shadows. We met in Ghostlands, at the very spot where I was promoted to leader 7 years ago in the guild "unknownheros" and began my adventure. Here is that speech (also attached a copy below):

7 years is a long time. 7 years ago, I inherited the guild of unknownheros. I won't glorify the story; it was a guild doomed to fail. The previous leader, Geris, had gotten tired of leadership and just abandoned us, handing me the reigns on the way out. If I were in the same place now, I would have dropped that chance in a heartbeat. But that's not what happened. I was too naive to know what was to come, so I just ran with it. I was the leader, and I intended to keep it. I don't know why, though; I didn't have a plan. No experience. No goals. No steps to take; not even the next one. It wasn't a guild; it was a group of people.

There was also nobody to show me the ropes. So I learned. Over and over, I failed. I made mistakes that nearly cost me everything I worked for. But I learned. First I learned how to speak to people. Then I learned how to make friends. Then I learned how to manage people. Then I learned how to lead. Then I learned how to help, and that is where I am today. I know, or at least I think I know, how to make a guild successful. The Crimson Shadows is surely a testament to this.
Many people came along the way, and each one taught me something. Aederoy, our first Top Advisor, taught me how to be an adult. Lohton and Dartanial taught me that just because something looks fine, it doesn't mean it is. Klaxsh taught me how to stand up for what I think is right. Heart taught me to face adversity with strength. And myriad other things came to me from others, though I don't have the time nor memory to give credit to all who deserve it.

We experienced mass exoduses. We kept going. We had drama. We fixed it. We had people try to tear us down. We endured. It wasn't by happenstance that we have survived so long; we made it so. And I was fortunate enough to be on the forefront of these problems. I learned how to rally people, and I was inspired by the willingness of the members to help. It seemed that no matter what had happened with the guild, they were some who would stay and help rebuild. That is such a truly heartwarming thing, knowing that you have others who will help you up after great falls.

Eventually I saw what was possible. You can do great things if you try. I made a list of things I wanted the guild to be. I bought a vent server. I made a forum. I asked what members wanted. I built relationships. I made friends with other guilds. I built this guild up to what I wanted it to be.

So now we're where I've always wanted it to be. We are one of the oldest guilds on the server, and we are one of the most active, if not the most active, guild. We have events every day. We have two raid teams. We have great officers that care about the guild, and all of them are fair and devoid of corruption. We have a stark transparency of how we work, we serve the members as best as we are able, and we try our best to make the guild a better place.

One thing that wasn't on the original list I made was to have a caring community. I always thought that a good community was what we had; as time progressed, I always thought "these are the best people on the server." I'm still proved wrong; even when I don't think we could grow any closer, we do. It's a pleasure to see that happen, and every time a new member comes up and reminds of how happy they are, it still makes my day.

My life is moving on, though. I'm now in college, and out of free time. I need to find someone who shares my values and will continue the dream I had for the guild. This vision for greatness and this striving for improvement is the only thing that has kept this guild together. There needs to be a leader who is strong and charismatic, but also flexible. They need to be willing to compromise and apologize. They need to realize that they are a member until they need to be a leader. They need to be loved, and they need to know when they are wrong. They need to have hope for the future, and be thankful for when it comes.

I have thought for many months about this. I almost stepped down many times. Disbanding the guild takes one command: nine characters. But I never did it. And I never want that to happen. This guild is one of the best things that has ever happened to me; it is my child and the people in it are my heroes, because I, too, was once lonely and scared with nowhere to turn to but The Crimson Shadows. I love this guild, and I want only the best for those in it.

My successor will make this guild great. I know it. I have shortcomings that need to be addressed, and they will succeed where I have failed. Super, you have been my best friend. Nobody has understood me so well as you do; but best friends don't make good guild masters. A leader does. You are a leader, and you have been for as long as you have been in the guild. I have watched you change, and only for the better. I look back at all of our arguments, and every time I do, I am so happy we had them because they showed us another perspective and made every decision better. We learned together.

You challenged me. I knew you would be a great officer, but I didn't know how stubborn you were. And that was good; you should never be afraid or angry when people oppose you; if their intentions are good, then nothing bad will come of some resistance. You taught me this, and I think it was the most important lesson I have ever gained. You have shaped me as a person, and I know you will do this guild proud. As long as there is someone who cares about the guild in charge, we will prosper.

Crimson Shadows, please congratulate the new Head Councilor, Superpower.

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