The Crimson Shadows of Nesingwary (US)
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Hey there. I'm Mal. If you're here, you're probably a member of The Crimson Shadows and so know me already. I'm the leader, or as I like to be called, the Head Councilor. I'm here to give you a brief introduction to our guild before you enter the forum. It's not essential to read, so you can skip it, but I would recommend that you spend a few minutes to read how in-depth we are about the guild.

The Crimson Shadows was built up from the ground by me during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. We've had our ups and downs, but we've always managed to survive and prosper, more than most others. As one of the oldest guilds on the server, I feel as though it is our duty to show Nesingwary that we are a strong band of members united to show pride and promote fun. As a guild, we can be very patriotic. This is one of the key characteristics that keeps this guild together. To me, it's a second family. I've seen hundreds of people and made friends with as many as I can while in this guild. I am personally closing on 3 years being the leader and I can tell you without a doubt that I've met absolutely amazing people here. There are always players who want to see us fall, but I have never let them take us down with them.

We play a game for fun. That's all there is to it. We don't play to make money, or be powerful. I play the game because it's fun to watch this guild grow. It's the only reason I play anymore, to be honest. So in order to make it fun, I try my absolute best to make sure people are enjoying the guild. This guild is relatively well-rounded. We have players who love to PvP, raid, socialize, gather, play the lottery, and even players who just want to do their dailies and make a few friends. One of the key elements of this guild is respect. I do not tolerate anyone who meaningfully disrespects another guild member in any way. It's unfair and improper, and I don't want my guild to be subject to intolerance because of it. I want this to be a well-preserved and growing social base where people can log on and enjoy their time.

Now, a few things about our policies. I, as head Councilor, do have the final say in all guild decisions. However, our chain of command goes to a council below me also: The Officer Council. The Officer Council consists of my Top Advisors and I. I try to make this guild a fair democracy, so every guild member has a turn to speak and is listened to. I try my best to make sure that nobody is left in the dark, either. Elders are selected by the Officer Council, and the Officer Council is hand-picked by the current Top Advisors, to ensure that it is a fair system. Any complaints about any officer is heard by me, and then distributed to the proper officers in order to be assessed.

With that said, the goal of our guild is to become a role-model for every guild on Nesingwary. We can never be perfect, and we don't aim to be. Yet I know guilds on our server that I would say are abusive of their power. I want Nesingwary to realize that we can be an amazing guild with all different sorts of mature members and that together we can accomplish more than they thought we could. Due to our past of failed raiding teams and lack of authority and structure, our guild has a cloud of negativity around it. We need to push away the storm, and begin fresh. We are going to accomplish that through spreading the word that we are good, and that we will survive. The Crimson Shadows has gone so far recently, and I believe we have potential to be one of the best guilds in the server, battlegroup, and beyond.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully as a member you can fulfill your part and help us become what I see. I hope you enjoy it here and if it's not your style, I just hope you enjoy playing overall. Life is too short to be mad that you left my guild, anyway...

Malscythe the Insane
Leader of The Crimson Shadows

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